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6 Proper Nigerian Foods to Serve at Your Party

Parties are for celebrating and ain't no party like a Nigerian party. We are a happy people and would celebrate just about anything. real Nigerian food- is at the heart of every celebration. In fact, the first thing a Nigerian would ask you if your inviting them somewhere is; "Will there be food?"

       Food is the way to everybody's heart and you can't call it a proper Nigerian party without any of these delicacies.

 Small Chops

 This is a starter you cannot do without. Our very own prime platter of finger foods will please everyone when it is at a table. In fact, this is the reason some people came for your party.

 Pepper Soup

 If youre serving with appetizers, pepper soup is a great starter. Here is a secret; pepper soup sets the tone- it's usually a sign that there will be plenty of delicious meals at your party. And it's good to have options, like the goat meat, catfish, cow tail and others.

 Jollof Rice and Dodo

 Imagine No jollof rice at a Nigerian party? Unheard of. Sure, there are quite a number of people who do not like jollof rice; Bottom line is that you will be doing everyone a big favor if you're serving jollof rice. Remember it's not everyone who is a fan of swallows.

 Fried rice

 Fried rice is another meal you do not want to miss out serving at your party. It is best served with salad and fried chicken.

 Asun and Snail

 These two delicacies are also one of the most sought after delicacies at a party. You can either serve them as appetizers, added to another meal or as a separate course in the middle of a many-course meal.

 Amala or iyan

 You are sure to get a bunch of people who prefer one to the other. The mummies and Daddies especially who scoff at rice will settle into this ‘real food’ happily. You'll be a star for serving them food they can eat and enjoy.

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Nigerian Pepper Soup Small Chops


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