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Improving Your Health by Eating These Four Natural Food Ingredients. No 1 & 2 is important.

We as humans seem to overlook what God has provided for us maybe because we don't see the immediate result from using these plants. There is a saying which says 'take food as thy medicine'. Truly there is healing in food apart from satisfying hunger. Plants and their extracts have been used in the past to cure or relieve the symptoms of ailments and the active components (healing substances) in those plants still remain today but little do we harness them.

There is a problem with almost everyone when it comes to eating medicinal plants as part of our diets and what is the problem? We want the plants or their extracts like seed oils, infusion etc to work like magic after consuming it for periods that are not significant enough. The truth is if you want to reap the benefits of these plants you have to be consistent with them, maybe not every day and also not once in a blue moon. You have heard ' an apple a day keeps the doctor away' . it means on the long run the result of what you have being consuming will manifest and this is the same thing that happens in diseases- they don't develop in seconds or minutes. Take this instance, you have being consuming sugar sweetened beverages for long without adverse effect but one day you get the hemorrhoids.

I will like to emphasise that these spices I am about to mention are very active in preventing some diseases and metabolic disorders.

1 Garlic - the odour puts me off but if you can try to add it to your meal it has beneficial health effects. It enhances the body's fight against harmful bacteria, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol and also regulates blood sugar level.

2 Ginger - this spice helps ease bloating, like garlic it is active against microorganisms, in addition it has anti-inflammatory effect. Inflammation is not health friendly it triggers the release of some chemicals in the body that affects tissue and organ functions.

3 Cloves - dentist know this, the chemical in cloves- eugenol have been extracted and used in treatment of tooth problems especially toothache. Cloves are active against bacteria. During my intern at FIIRO we found that Zobo drink that contained cloves and ginger stayed longer on the shelf. Cloves also work for hemorrhoids.

4 Tumeric - your mental health is very important. Researchers found that tumeric ease the symptoms of depression (Journal of Affectice Disorders). It helps the body fight against some viruses including hepatitis virus and also prevents you from flu.

If you don't know these spices together with leaves like bitter leaf and scent leaf are used by poultry owners as prevention against diseases in their .chickens. This is what they call organic poultry rearing.

Content created and supplied by: Rillywan (via Opera News )

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