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Nigerian Fruits That You Should Know Their names

WebMD claims that specific fruit consumption patterns are indicative of cultural or ethnic origin. Here, you'll discover the real names for three of Nigeria's most consumed fruits. Many examples are provided down below.

Firstly, There's Cherry and Udara

Cherry consumption in Nigeria much exceeds that of any other fruit or vegetable. To make matters worse, few people know what this fruit is actually called. The African Star Apple, a tropical fruit that resembles a cherry, is in season in the fall. The Igbo people of Nigeria call this fruit Udara, whereas the Hausa and Yoruba people call it Agwaluma.

Second, the ofio, or Hausa groundnut.

This well-liked Nigerian dish is widely available in any city or town in the country. The term "Hausa groundnut" is commonly used to refer to this nut because of its popularity in the northern parts of the country. This item's official name, "Tiger nuts," is hardly an enticing one. It has a large user base outside of Asia as well. An increase in the use of the English word "tiger nuts" has also been seen.

Thirdly, either Icheku or Awin.

There are few better seeds than this one. Kids and grownups alike have fun with it. Unfortunately, few people are aware that this often eaten fruit also goes by a different name. There are other names for it in languages than Yoruba, Igbo, and Hausa, including Awin, Icheku, and Tsamiyar kurm. Black velvet tamarind is the more proper name for this fruit in English. Studies have shown that the orange pulp within makes this a delicious seasonal fruit.

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