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How to use garlic, ginger, pepper, pawpaw seeds and other ingredients to treat your poultry flock

Natural cure


You wonder why some communities like them especially Indians ?Pepper has been known to improve metabolism but in poultry it is useful as it aids killing parasites that cause digestive problems e.g coccidiosis and also kills worms by burning them.


This particular spice alongside onions helps the birds in boosting immunity and also fights respiratory problems in poultry. Garlic will also kill external parasites as it produces sulphur in the body. The sulphur in the chicken's blood will overpower the parasites.


Ginger in chicken will boost appetite,helps in digestive problems and is also an immune booster. Ginger has anti inflammatory and antiviral properties.

4.)Aloe vera

Aloe vera juice acts as an appetizer and also in treating wounds.

*Squeeze a few drops of aloe vera juice into the wound. It's a natural antibiotic. It assists in curing victims of cannibalism. Apply it in the wounds of cannibalized birds and the bitter taste will deter the culprits.

5.)Fermented/sour milk/yoghurt

Sour milk/yoghurt act as a pro biotic and kills harmful bacteria in the intestines therefore ensuring an improved immunity. As a result of this diarrhoea is prevented.

*Add it to feeds to form lumps but do not drench. It can also be fed free of choice.

6.)Papaya/pawpaw seeds.

Pawpaw seeds act as a good dewormer and also prevents coccidiosis infection. The seeds are used for this.

*Dry the seeds for two weeks and grind them

7.)Pumpkin/cucumber/courgette seeds.

*These seed when ground can be mixed in water to control worms.

8.)Stinging nettle.

The plant provides lots of vitamins and minerals to your poultry flock.

Solution to problem faced on day old broilers

Give glucose for 4 hours especially when they are stress up when transporting, I always use salt and sugar solution. Them give multivitamin after, d second day give antibiotic like chloraphenicol in water for then for 12hours than replace it with water containing vitamin for another 12hours

For about a week, keep giving them the combo of glucose, multivitamins, and (enrocare ).

Plug bitter leave wash it inside water after then buy shombo pepper grind it and put it inside the bitter leave water and give it to them u will see the changes

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