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See How To Easily Prepare Pepper Rice Stew At Home

Hello viewers,

I'll be sharing tips on how to prepare delicious pepper rice stew and ingredients required to Prepare it.

Pepper Rice is a special kind of stew, it originated from Benin, Nigeria and mostly consumed there.

When preparing Pepper rice stew this are the ingredients required to prepare it below:

Tatashe peppers

Habanero Peppers

Fresh tomatoes

Vegetable oil

Red onion

Shaki (cow tripe)

Ponmo (cow skin)


Seasoning cubes


Nigerian curry powder


Here are what you must do before you cook Pepper Rice Stew below:

Clean and slice the cow stripes and cow skin into any size of your choice, chop the red onion.

Rinse and remove the seeds from the tatashe and tomatoes, blend the peppers and tomatoes till smooth.

Now, straight to the Cooking Directions;

Put the shaki and ponmo in a cooking pot and boil with the thyme, seasoning cubes and some of the chopped onion till they are soft. After that, set the cooked shaki and ponmo aside. Pour the vegetable oil into a clean dry pot and heat it up.

Once it gets very hot, add the remaining onions and fry till it turns brown. At this stage, add the blended tomato and pepper and fry them till the perfect consistency is achieved.

Add salt, curry powder and the boiled meats. Cover the pot and continue to cook till it steams up again and the pepper rice stew is ready.

Clean and cut the fish then sprinkle salt on them and fry with vegetable oil.

You can serve with Boiled White Rice.

thanks for viewing.

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