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Check Out the Healthy Beetroot Juice You Can Use To Start Your Day

Beetroot is commonly used here in Nigeria to make salad. They are round, hard and red in colour. Its juice is known for many health benefits. Best when you boil it and use in eating. This vegetable can be found in Jos Plateau state. Locally known as red beet or beet .The Yoruba's call it Ireke

1. Beetroot is very good for the liver it prevents it from inflammation

2. They are good food for athletes because they aid in boosting energy

3. It is a good source for healthy and radiant skin

4. Beetroot juice can change the colour of your urine which is harmless and makes it the only disadvantage with no call for concern.

5. It is very beneficial for people with Diabetes

Here is how I start my day with a cup of Beetroot Juice


-1 Beetroot

- Half ginger

- 1Apple

- 1Catrot

-Lemon / Lemon juice


Cut all ingredients into good size to fit your juicer.

- Peel and cut the beetroot you can cut it long

- Cut the apple in small piece

- Wash and cut the carrot and ginger in a good size

- Put them into the juicer and let it squeeze

- Put little lemon juice into the beetroot juice stir well and drink immediately

-Protects from cancer.

 Super effective for detoxification.

- Reduce sugar level.

- Helps lower blood pressure.

- Supports weight loss.

- Good for sexual performance.

- Boost energy and stamina.


- Helps Improve Digestion.

- Strengthens the heart

- It fights inflammation

- Aids in detoxification

Content created and supplied by: Nikitasera (via Opera News )

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