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A week without salt in food, see what will happen to your body

Salt is a mineral compound known for centuries as far back as 6050BC, sait is an important element in the world with high value, it has once been used as a means of exchange by the Phoenician and Mediterranean empire, salt is of much importance to the world, it is used as a preservative, for cooking and much more. Salt possesses an electrolyte which creates an eclectically charged ion which dissolves in our blood, these electrolyte are needed in our body to carry out processes like heart beat, digestion, brain activity, respiration and aid fluid balance in cell and much more. Having a salt level below 135 millieqivalents per liter mEq/L will make you sodium deficient and in this situation the following thing will happen:

When the salt level is low it lowers blood pressure and cells in the body will trigger symptoms like dizziness, shock, vomiting, muscle cramp, inability to taste, coma and death. Basically it is impossible stay completely without salt cause everything we eat contains some percentage of salt and salts level  above 145mEq/Lwill lead to high blood pressure. we loss salt every day from our urine and sweat.Be mindful of the quantity of salt you consume. 

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