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Stop Trying To Slim Down: You Can Be Fat And Healthy

We have all been sold the lies that being slim automatically means being healthy. I have come to tell you that this is a huge lie from the pit of hell. You can be on the big side and still be very fit and healthy. And you can be slim and still be very unfit and healthy. Everything balls down to one thing - lifestyle.

How then can you be fat and healthy?


Worry is never a good thing and can drastically affect your mind and body negatively. Therefore, if you want to continually live in good health, you have to quit worrying and start loving and appreciating your body. Buy befitting clothes for your body type and look good. Gain confidence in your body and be happy! Your body and health will thank you for this.


Negative people are filled with negative energy and you really do not need that as it can lead to a downward spiral for you, healthwise. Anyone who is always disturbing you with "you are fat o", try to keep a distance from them. Be around people who tell you that you look good and who ginger you. It's necessary for your mental and physical health.


Eating healthy doesn't mean "dieting". They are two very different concepts. Eating healthy simply means the ratio of the healthiness of your meal is higher than the ratio of the unhealthiness. Who says you can't have burger or pizza once in a while? The keyword is - once in a while. You can satisfy your cravings once in a while. Other times, make sure your packed food is filled with health. If you want to eat a big lunch, that's fine as long as it is more healthy than otherwise.


If you're already on the big side, that's not a bad thing. Exercising will help you maintain your weight and keep you from adding extra weight. You don't need to run or jog. All you have to do is focus on walking more at every given opportunity rather than sitting all day. While you walk, don't forget to stretch your body to make it more flexible. This will keep you fit and strong.

If you do the above, you will not only live healthy, you will also extend your life. However, this only applies to people within the weight range of 70 - 100kg. Anything more than 100kg is obesity and I will advise you shed the weight to 100kg which is fine. If you're within this range, simply implement the above and enjoy your life in peace. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise!

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