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Dear Parents, Please Avoid Doing These Five Things When Cooking Noodles For Your Children

Dear Parents, Please Avoid Doing These Five Things When Cooking Noodles For Your Children

IndoFoods instant noodle product is famously known around the whole world for its delicious taste and rapid cooking time. This is actually how it figured out how to establish a 72% market share of the pie in Indonesian noodle market. Many people are so used to eating noodles on a daily basis due to its quick method of preparation and cooking on an empty stomach.

Some parents and guardians usually feed their children with noodles almost everyday, they feed them noodles in the morning, noodles at afternoon, even when they want to sleep, they still eat indomie for supper.

Yet do you also realize that a lot of these noodles are bad for young children?

Do you know the side effects of the noodles?

The study found that excessive intake of instant noodles can trigger weight loss as well as metabolic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, high blood pressure, heart problems, etc.

Another basic reason why this is extremely harmful to children is the cooking technique that the parents or guardians have adapted, for example, they did not drain the noodles first and they did not add the necessary nutrient value to the noodles before serving your child.

There are starches in noodles that you should get rid of. Diets high in refined starches are linked to a higher risk of diabetes, coronary heart disease, and weight gain. In addition, they can cause a rapid rise in glucose and then fall sharply. This is especially important for people with diabetes and prediabetes, as their bodies cannot effectively remove sugar out of the blood.

There are some certain things you should keep away from when cooking noodles for your kids.

1. Do not cook the noodles without first parboiling it.

2 Do not cook the noodles without draining it very well.

3. Do not cook the noodles without including the vegetables.

4. Do not cook the noodles without adding fish in any case.

5. Do not cook noodles without frying your oil and onions.

Step by Step instructions on how to properly prepare noodles for your children

1. First of all, boil a small amount of water, pour the water inside the noodle and cover it for 5 minutes, this will allow it to become half cooked

2. Drain the noodles, sieve it and pour the starchy water away

3. Washing your pot very well before placing it on the fire and add oil at that time, fry the oil and onions, include other ingredients and pour your noodles

4. Add vegetables like carrot, fish and tomatoes and cook for like 10 minutes

This is the best possible way of cooking noodles for your kids so as not to poison them with too much starch.

Hope this article is extremely useful to you?

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