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Ladies, See 5 Delicious Food You Can Make For Your Husband This Weekend

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As we humans food is very important and essential for our well being .For us to have strength and perform our daily activities we must eat.

Today is Saturday and is a weekend, which means that it's only this weekend that all civil workers get to rest from work.

So ladies, here are some delicious five food you can make for your husband this weekend

The first first food we would take alook at is:

1) Pepper Soup.Pepper is one of the most famous and delicious dishes in Nigeria .It is very popular for its very spicy nature.Most people use pepper soup during the rainy season as a means to warm up their bodies, and get rid of cold .

Here are some essential ingredients that one needs, inorder to prepare a very tasty and mouth watering pepper soup

1)Chicken , Fish or beef ( depending on your choice of meat and the money at hand)

2) Seeds of Calabash nutmeg( Ehuru)

3) Seasoning such as Maggi or Knorr depending on the brand you wish to purchase and the money at hand.

4) Garlic ( Optional) and onions

5) Water

6) Pepper ( Specifically Red Chilli Pepper)


1)Wash your meat properly and prepare it

Note: Make sure that the meat doesn't get too soft.

2)After you're done, cooking the meat, Place it in pot and add a little water to it.

3) Add you seasoning cubes, garlic (Optional) Onions,Spices, Chilli Pepper, and seeds of calabash nutmeg

4)Add your Uziza Leafs and let it cook for some minutes and your pepper soup is ready

Always serve the pepper soup hot, accompanied with white rice or agidi or you can eat it alone

2)Jellof Rice: Jellof rice is one of the most famous delicases in Africa at large, which contains some ingredients like:

1) Tomatoes

2)Bay Leaf(Optional) , Crayfish, onions, seasoning cube, meat, fish, garlic and most importantly Rice.


1) Parboil your rice( do not over boil the rice , otherwise, it will become too soft)

2) Prepare your meat, chicken or fish and keep the water (stock)

3) Once you're done cooking the meat, cut your onions, and blend the Crayfish, Tomatoes, Pepper, and ginger.

4) Add your vegetable oil in a pot and let it heat for some minutes ( becareful, so as not to overheat the oil)

5) Add you onions, your grinded tomatoes and other ingredients and fry for some minutes.Once you are done frying, add your meat stock and cook.

6 ) After cooking for about 5minutes, add your parboiled rice and let it cook

Once you follow these procedures correctly, your Jellof rice would really be nice.

3) Moi Moi (Bean Pudding)

Bean Pudding also known as Moi Moi is also a very delicious meal.

Here are the ingredients you would need to prepare this food


2) Crayfish

3) Seasoning cubes

4)Red Chilli Pepper

4) Meat ,egg or fish

5)Tatashe Pepper


1) Measure out the correct amount of beans that would be enough for you.

2) Soak the beans in a luke warm water and wash thoroughly, Inorder to remove dirt's from it.

3) Now, once you are done , with step 2, grind the beans with red chilli pepper, Crayfish, tatashe,onions. You can grind using a blender or a grinder at the market

4) After you are done grinding, you should have a brownish paste.

5 ) If you choose to use eggs ,make sure they are hard boiled ( do not use meat and egg or fish, all at the same time, you must choose one) . And cut into different sizes.

6) Using a Nylon or a foil , scoop in some amount of the paste you achieved from grinding beans and other ingredients and add your boiled egg into.

7) Once you are done with step 6, make sure you boil for about 3 hours and always serve when cool

4)Eba And Bitter Leaf Soup ( Onugbu)

This soup, apart from it's sweet taste, has some medical values.


1)Bitter Leaf

2) Cocoyam

3) Meat

4) Dryfish, Crayfish,

5) Palm oil


7) Locust beans(Ogiri)

8) Pepper

9) Seasoning cubes


1) Peel and boil your Cocoyam

2) After boiling the Cocoyam for about 20 minutes, blend or pound it using either your blender or mortar.

2) Boil your bitter, Inorder to remove the bitter taste for some minutes like 15 to 20 minutes

3) In a pot, boil your meat,fish and Dryfish all together.

4)Add red oil to the meat and fish stock, alongside your grinded Crayfish and pepper and add you seasoning cubes.

5) Then add your grinded Cocoyam into the boiling pot.

6) Once you are done with step 5, add your locust bean, salt and let it boil for like three minutes

7) then add your Onugbu leaf into it and your soup is ready

5) Coconut Rice:



2) Tomatoes

3) Coconut Milk

4) Chicken

5) Chilli Pepper

6) Salt .

7) Onion

8) Seasoning cubes


These are some delicious meals you should make for your husband this weekend .

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