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Do This First Before Cooking Your Noodles to Avoid Killing Yourself Slowly

Noodles is one meal that people love preparing so much, especially when there is no time to prepare a long meal. It quenches hunger certainly, but it may not be satisfying to most people. As for me, after a long day, I prefer preparing noodles than stressing myself in the kitchen trying to prepare a meal that will take over an hour. Noodles take about 25 minutes to get done. It is a fast food, so to say. Some people are addicted to it anyways.

The main focus of this article will be on how to cook noodles well, what to do first before cooking it, so as to avoid killing yourself slowly because these noodles contain some dangerous chemical components that are harmful to the body.

Noodles have high level of sodium and trans fats, both of which can raise cholesterol and blood pressure and lead to more serious, life-threatening conditions. It also contains monosodium glutamate and another chemical component called tertiary butyl hydroquinone. These are chemical preservatives used in keeping the longevity of the noodles, but what people don't know is how bad these things can be to their health.

Since noodles contain these harmful components, it is better to know what to do before cooking this noodles so as not to endanger your life.

Now here is what you have to do first:

Use the sieving method to prepare your noodles. This helps to sieve out all the chemicals in the noodles before you put it on fire. All you have to do is;

a. Add water to a pot and keep it on fire, allow it to boil, then add your noodles to it.

b. Allow the noodles to cook for about 2 minutes.

c. After that, pour the noodles into a sieve and allow the water to drain.

d. When you are done doing that, pour back the noodles into the pot and cook it any way making it tasty and delicious just the way you love it.

As for me, I prefer adding carrot and egg to it. Vegetables could do as well.

As far as you do the things I have mentioned above first before cooking and finally eating your noodles, then your life will not be placed at the edge.

Do well to drop your comments in the comment section if you find this article useful.

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