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No Matter How Hungry You Are, You Should Never Try this Seven (7) Rare Food Combinations

Every normal person loves food as it is the source of our living and strength and the food is actually meant to be enjoyed and satisfying. In these case, some individual took it to an extraordinary level in terms of food combinations.

No one can actually measure the nutritional values in these food combinations,it might be harmful to our health. There isn't any dietician who would prescribe this as a food plan or diet plan.

These wierd and rare food combinations could possibly not be eatable by me or anyone else. While we create diet plans to help us get on the healthy side of life but this individual's diet plan is probably out of these world.

Here are rare food combinations;

Cocumber with noodles might not be a great idea.

Tangerines with noodles,not really!

Eating cereal with fried chicken legs,there is a mistake somewhere.

Prepare a nice food and mix with candies,not a good idea.

Cookies with palm oil isn't a great idea.

Cookies with stew sauce is a very bad idea.

Chocolate with noodles,who does that?

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