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Do you know there are some FOODS that are bad for your health and poses a treat to your life


If one doesn't actually have an early insight on food ingestion, it can be very confusing to know which food is healthy and which aren't. There's need to avoid certain food if you want to lose weight and prevent chronic illnesses. 

In this article i'd be stating healthy alternatives which can be adopted to have that perfect shape and health. There wouldn't be need to be overweight. 

5 foods that are generally unhealthy - some people tend to eat them with little or traces of damage done to their bodies. But its always advisable to play by the rules.

1) Drinking Sugary drinks - Sugar is an additive mixed into soda and some other types of beverages. In most cases it's proportion is high and that pose a treat to human life. Liquid calories when ingested don't tend to be registered as food by our brains. When taken over time you might end up increasing your sugar level. When consumed in large amount can drive insulin resistance and its strongly linked to non-alcoholics.

Alternatives: Ensure to drink plenty of water, adding slice if lemon to soda water can improve the taste of water by 70%.

2) Pizzas - Pizza is a popular junk made out of unhealthy ingredients. Commercial pizzas tend to be more unhealthy, added with highly refined dough and very well processed meat. Note that Pizzas are extremely high in calorie. 

Alternatives: Homemade Pizzas are a more preferable, as long as it's made with wholesome ingredient.

3) Most fruit juices: Fruit juices are sometimes though to be healthy, because its name is gotten from fruit which is a natural gift. Juices contains antioxidants and Vitamin C , it's also made with a high percentage of sugar. You must know that fruit juices contains as much sugar as sugary drinks e.g Fanta, Coke and Pepsi and lots more.

Alternatives: Not entirely all fruit juices have been shown to have a bad effect on our health some actually have some goof health benefits, e.g blueberry and pomegranate juices. This should be taken in moderation and not to be an everyday thing.

4) Fried, boiled or grilled good: Frying, boiling and grilling are one of the world most unhealthiest cooking techniques. Food cooked in this methods are palatable and calorie-dense. Some unhealthy chemical also surface when food are cooked under high temperature. It includes acrolein, oxysterols, polycylic and advanced glycation end products (AGEs). These chemicals and more are associated with cancer when food is cooked under high temperature

Alternatives: To be at a better health advantage choose milder and cooking technique such as boiling, blanching and steaming.

5) Processed meat: Unprocessed meat can be healthy and nutrition, the reverse is the case for processed meats. Research have shown that colon cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetic cases are related to people who eat processed meats.

Alternatives: If you want to eat canned meat, sausages or pepperoni, it's always advisable to buy from local butchers as this is mostly freshly killed animals.

So eat healthy and stay healthy - do click on the LIKE & SHARE button, drop your COMMENTS below and i did reply you if you got questions.

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