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Colored Chicken eggs you don't see everyday

Since from childhood we are meant to believe that chicken eggs which are consumed almost every is either whit or black. Any colored egg is either not from chicken or is rotten. Those myth are not true.

There are different colored egg that are very edible just like the usual brown eggs we see everywhere, it poses no harm to human.

According to Dr Justin Fowler a professor in the University of Georgia's poultry science department, shed more light on why the different colors on eggs. " the different colors of spots or speckling, comes down to the genetics of the bird," he says.

"Leghorn chickens lay white eggs, while orphingtons or Plymouth Rocks will lay brown eggs" explain Fowler. " the ameraucana breed has a pigment that is able to permeate the whole egg shell and make blue- colored eggs that are colored on both the inside and the outside of the shell".

He also said that one chicken can lay white or brown or even blue eggs. Chickens with colored feathers and earlobes tend to produce colored eggs.

So before you trow away that egg ask questions, and nothing may be wrong with your chicken.

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