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Use these Tips To Prevent Oil Splattering All Over Your Body When Frying

Oil splashing over your body during cooking is a normal thing. Some people even avoid anything that has to do with frying in their kitchen due to fear of oil splashing and you can imagine when hot oil splashes over your body, the pain is excruciating. To avoid the splashing of oil when cooking, use these Tips below to prevent it.

-Before you start frying anything you washed with water , please make sure the water drips of entirely because as the water lands in the oil and evaporates it results into a bunch of tiny droplets which leads to splashing of oil. For extra protection, blot your ingredients dry with a paper towel or cloth before you start cooking.

-Place a splatter shield or screen over your cooking surface. Splatter screens has perforated sections of metal that go over your pan as you cook. Vapors from your ingredients can evaporate through the openings on the screen, but the actual oil will stay put within the pan.You can find splatter screens at most home goods stores.

-Don't use too much oil when you cook. When deep-frying, fill your frying pot ⅔ of the way full with oil. The same concept applies when you pan-fry—pour in just enough oil to cover the bottom half of your ingredients, instead of filling up the pan.

-Choose a high-quality stainless steel or cast iron pan. Cheap, stainless steel pans don’t always spread heat evenly—this can create hot spots on your pan, which leads to extra splattering. Instead, grab a high-quality stainless steel or cast iron pan, which has decent heat distribution.When heated up slowly, cast iron cookware has good heat distribution.

-Add a pinch of salt to the bottom of the pan. When you pour oil in your pan as you are about to cook , put a pinch of salt in the oil to stop oil splattering over when cooking. Salts soaks up some of the moisture in your food, which helps prevent oil splatter. You can also use flour for this as it does same function with salt.

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