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21 Easy Breakfast ideas you can try on your busy mornings

Breakfast is one of the most important meal of the day, it's very quick and easy to prepare. with the morning runs around preparing what's easy and quick can save you some extra time.

Some recipes for breakfast can be easy to prepare while some takes time to prepare. for this kind of recipes, it's should be prepared in advance, stored in a fridge or a cool place and reheated for breakfast.

There are different recipes for breakfast with minimum time, availability and a nice taste.

1. Bread with Akara

1. Bread with fried egg

3. Fried yam with fried fish and tomato sauce

4. Moi-moi with pap

5. Apple pancakes

6. Fried plantain with fried egg

7. Shawarma

8. Pap and akara

9. Fried noodles with fried fish

10. Fried noodles with fried egg and fried plantain

11. Sandwich club

12. Breakfast cornflakes with milk

13. Boiled yam with egg sauce

14. Toasted sandwich

15. Sandwich maker frittata

16. Boiled plantain with egg sauce

17. Cornflakes pancake

18. Tea with banana bread

19. Salad sandwich

20. Baked moi moi

21. Samosa

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Akara Apple Moi-moi


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