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Tantalizing 'ofada' stew you should prepare with rice on Sunday

Ofada stew is a special stew used for eating ofada rice. Ofada rice and stew is a popular Yoruba delicacy which is commonly prepared during social events and festivals. Its stew can also be used to eat white rice, yam and other foods of choice. Below is the simple method to prepare ofada stew.

Ingredients needed are pepper mix, onion, palm oil, salt, seasoning, locust beans, boiled eggs, crayfish, dried fish and meat


Wash and blend the peppers and onion. Set aside. Cook the meat till tender.

Pour the blended pepper into a pot and place on heat, add the meat stock to the pepper and cook. Leave till the water dried up.

Place a pan on heat, pour palm oil to it. When it is heated, add chopped onions to it and stir fry it. Add the boiled pepper to it and fry. 

Add salt and seasoning to the stew. Add the beef, crayfish, locust beans, eggs and dried fish to it and stir. Allow it to cook for 5 minutes. Remove from heat and serve the stew with your ofada rice, white rice, yam or any food of your choice.

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