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Do You Remember COCONUT CANDY from our Childhood days? This is how to Make it. PICTURE Recipe Guide!

Hello people! How are you doing today? Today, I will be teaching you how to make coconut candy. This is a chewy, sweet snack made in Nigeria.

Guess what? It’s so easy to make.

If you remember this candy from your childhood days, oya raise your thumb!

My both thumbs are up because I’m guilty!

I cannot forget how I literally would save money to buy them on my way back from school!

Ohh! I miss those good old days.

Enough of the nostalgic feelings, let’s move on!

Nigerian coconut candy recipe is a finger food that can be taken with or without drink.

It can also be referred to as a dessert because It is a delicious treat enjoyed by everyone.

Guess what two basic ingredients are?

Just sugar and grated coconut. 

So aside from the grating process that can be stressful at times especially if you are making large quantities. This recipe is the simplest and fastest of them all.

The best part of this whole recipe is that the candies can be stored up to a month in the freezer, and this is a good condition for those that sell them.

In fact, You can always make this and keep in the fridge for those unexpected visitors.

You know those ones that just show up unannounced…lol! If you do that, stop it! Expect if you are trying to go FBI on the person.

So when they show up like that, just serve them this and they’ll never forget it.

The sweetness will keep them coming back for more.

Your ingredients!

Like I said earlier, all you need are:

1 full coconut

Coconut water

Granulated sugar

Because this is a sweet snack, you’ll need to use lots of sugar, especially if you are sweet tooth like me, But feel free to adjust the sugar to your taste.

Also, I need you to bear in mind that the usual recipe of coconut candy may not suit anyone suffering from diabetics.

It’s advisable to replace the sugar with honey and reduce the sweetness as you deem fit.


First things first, you have to break the coconut.

Collect the juice and set aside.

Now take out the coconut meat and grate into small pieces. This part is usually the hardest.

 Ensure that you use a grater with large hole so it will be faster or else you will sleep!

Add sugar to coconut juice and stir it.


Get a wide pan. Pour the coconut juice, add some sugar and leave it to boil.

At this point, you need to ask yourself the kind of candy you like because Coconut Candy can either be crunchy or soft and tender depending on your preference.

If you like it soft and mushy, then add more water, if it’s the later that you like, no water.


Stir and boil till all the water is evaporated. Continue to stir till sugar caramelizes.

Pour the grated and stir.

At this point, the contents should start to stick together. Keep stirring till each pieces start to turn brown in colour.

Take it off heat and leave it to dry. Pack it up and preserve properly.

Go ahead and make yours with the simple steps I’ve shown you.

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