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BAD BREATH: 5 Food Items That Can Embarrass You In Public.

BAD BREATH: 4 Food Items That Can Embarrass You In Public.

Bad breath can be very embarrassing, you don't need a mouth odour before you can have a bad breath, some little food we eat and ignore might be the cause.

Sometimes we eat things carelessly without caution, that moment when you're so close to getting that bae, or when that guy approaches you and feel disgust because of something as small as a "Bad Breath"

You're probably confident its not your breath because you believe you don't have a bad odour, here are some food you should definitely suspect.


Its funny how you see some people eating this stuff like fruit when the outcome is obvious, Asin if you sit beside someone who ate this, your life will be horrible. So avoid this when going in public places.


The making of FUFU will obviously make you to take caution. After soaking it in water for more than a day, I suggest you always take a brush after eating this delicacy before going out.


I'm sure everyone will agree with me on this one. After eating this raw and you just open your mouth waaaa to talk to some;shift let me faint abeg.


Our popular sardine and bread combination can be devastating,seafoods naturally becomes sour and smelling when oxidizes. try not to eat this when you're going out or else, let me keep quiet first.


This one might come as a surprise to many people but the logic is that, coffee reduce the flo w of saliva and allows Smelling bacteria to grow and also linger longer in your mouth. So take note..

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Stay Bless.

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