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This Soup From Benin Will Definitely Make You Add Weight When You Eat It Regularly

This soup is a unique soup with unique taste. You should know there are different methods to prepare it, but of all these methods, this particular one you will read in this article is the easiest and fastest.

Benin people and some nothern states cook this soup a lot. It is a norm there and it is highly enjoyed. Especially when Prepared with chicken, snail and stock fish. So yummy and divine

Let me not bore you with long talk. Am sure we all know ground nut is a highly nutritious fruit.

So let's get to business, here is a fast and easy recipe for your ground nut soup

Ingredients are:

Ground Nut(raw or roasted)

Uziza seeds





Red oil

Stock Fish


Bitter Leaves or any vegetable (optional)


Salt and seasoning to taste


1. Roast your ground nut(if raw), peel the back and blend a bit

2. Add your chicken stock or water, crayfish, onions, Uziza seeds and pepper, then blend and set aside

Note: Uziza Seeds help in reducing the natural cholesterol in the groundnut.

You can also blend little crayfish and set aside

3. Wash your stock fish with hot water and set aside.

4. Boil your chicken and season to taste.

5. When it has boiled, bring down and fry, then set aside

Note: You fry it to give the soup more flavor. This frying is optional, for a more healthy cooking you can use your boiled chicken like that.

6. Wash your ponmo properly to remove all the sand and cut into bits

7. Set your bitter Leaves by washing it yourself or buying already washed one in the market

Prepare Your Snail By:

1. Breaking the shell off and bringing the snail out

2. Remove the down part of the unshelled snail

3. Leave to soak in water, together with alum and lime

4. Use alum to wash it properly

5. Divide with a knife and set aside


Buy already prepared (unshelled and washed snail ) in the market

The Cooking Phase

1. Place a pot on the fire, add your chicken, blended crayfish, the chicken stock or water if the stock is not enough, then bring to boil

Note: You do this so the fried flavor of your chicken can be absorbed by the soup

2. When it has boiled, add your washed stock fish, diced ponmo and snail, then allow to boil for some minutes so all the flavor can mix together and be absorbed by each other

3. Drop little red oil inside(like 3-5 tablespoons), depending on the quantity you are cooking.

Note: You add little red oil because groundnut already has it's own oil, and addition of red oil gives it color and a special taste

4. Allow to boil for a while so the red oil can get done.

5. Season to taste

6. Add your blend of ground nut, crayfish, Pepper, uziza seeds and onions

7. Leave to cook properly and done, reduce the heat and add water or chicken stock from time to time as the soup thickens(add to your taste)

When it is done, it will have oil floating on top

8. Add your washed bitter Leaves,(little) or any vegetable of choice

Note: Add little bitter leaf so it won't change the taste of your soup

7. Allow to cook for a while, check the seasoning to see if any adjustment is required, if non, stir properly, and put down

Serve your delicious groundnut soup with a healthy swallow and enjoy your meal.

Ground Nut is healthy. The cholesterol in groundnut is natural and might have no harmful effect on us.

But that doesn't mean people above 50 or People with health issues related to high cholesterol and obesity should eat this soup freely, because ground nut cholesterol has tendency to clog the heart or blood vessels

So of you fall in either of the categories mentioned above, do not eat this soup regularly

And for those looking to add weight, eating ground nut Soup is one sure way to do that.

Do well to like, share and comment on this wonderful meal. Thanks


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