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Class of food that gives more energy than carbohydrates discovered

It is a common taught that carbohydrates is the class of food that supplies energy to the body.In order words, "carbohydrate is energy giving food".Does that mean the only source of energy to the body is from carbohydrates? Protein and fats are also sources of energy to the body.

  However,complex studies was carried out on the amount of energy produced by various classes of food resulting to a wonderful discovery .The energy from food is expressed in kilojoule (kj). Below are some classes of food and the energy they yield per gram:

*1g of carbohydrates yields 16.7 kj of energy

*1g of fats yields 37.6kj of energy

*1g of protein yields 16.7 kj of energy

One (1) gram of carbohydrate contain four (4) calories while one (1) gram of fat contains nine (9) calories which is twice that of potein and carbohydrate.

From the above data, it can be deduce that fat yield more energy than carbohydrates.

carbohydrate is the fastest energy giving food (thus, the reason why it is called energy giving food because it breaks down quickly to yield energy compared to other classes of food.Hence, the body readily depend on carbohydrate for source of energy and not solely dependent on carbohydrate) while Fats are the slowest source of energy but a class of food that is the most energy-efficient.For this reason, excess energy in the body from carbohydrates and proteins are stored as fats.

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