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5 Meals You Shouldn't Eat Without Adding Ginger

Ginger is a very medicinal food and its benefits varies. They are good source of calcium and can help you bones grow strong. They are also helpful when it comes to rebuilding body tissues and healing of wounds in the body. They also contain Vitamin A which can help build better eyesight. This article looks to tell you some foods you can prepare with Ginger. I will mention some drinks and if you can follow this up and increase your sugar intake, you will be sure to live healthy life.

1. Kunu

Kunu is natural drink that is popular in the northern part of Nigeria. It can be prepared easily and ginger is one of the main ingredient.

2. Tomato stew and ginger

When preparing your tomato stew, you can add ginger to the mix to give it taste.

3. Ginger and Banga soup

You can also add ginger to your Banga soup.

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