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How To Make Isi-ewu For Your Guest

Isi ewu is also known as goat head soup. It is mostly prepared and eaten by the indigenous Igbo tribe within Nigeria. The main ingredient for this dish is a goat head.

- Goat head

- Utazi leaf

- Edible potash

- Calabash nutmeg

- Scotch bonnet

- Salt

- Knorr cubes

- Crayfish (optional)

- Onions

- Palm oil

- Grinded fresh or dried pepper


- Put the meat into a clean pot and add water. Thereafter, add in your sliced onions and knorr cubes, then, place the pot on the stove so the meat can cook. While the meat is cooking, get your onions sliced into round shapes, your grinded pepper should be ready. if you have a thickener you wish to add into the meal, you could just mix it together with the grinded pepper.

- Now, by this time, the meat should be ready and the stock should be almost dried. Add a pinch of salt and stir evenly. Afterwards, you set that aside.

- The next part is to prepare the sauce for the meat. Now, add the oil into a separate pot, then add the nutmeg, the potash(while adding the potash you need to stir it), add the crayfish, and a bit of the utazi leaf.

- Afterwards, put the cooked meat into the pot where the sauce is done and stir all together, then place on the stove to heat for about 15 seconds and it is ready. Serve in a bowl plate and decorate with the remaining utazi leaf and the sliced round onions and it's ready to eat.

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