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Easy and best method to prepare gizzards and plantain sauce

Have you ever tasted plantain fried with chopped gizzards? If no, relax and read this piece. Gizzards and plantain sauce popularly called 'gizdodo' is a delicious delicacy that originated from developed countries. It is commonly served at social gatherings and many people prepare it during festive season. The preparation method will be shown in this writeup. The ingredients needed for this super food are:

1. Ripe plantain

2. Gizzards

3. Blended tomatoes and pepper

4. Oil 

5. Seasoning

6. Salt

7. Paprika powder

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Preparation method

1. Cut the gizzards into small sizes and set aside.

Photo credit: keevil and keevil

2. Cut the plantain into small sizes and also set aside.

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3. Put oil into pan and heat it.

4. Fry the plantain and the chopped gizzards seperately.

5. Add the paprika powder, seasoning and salt to the blended tomatoes and pepper and fry well till it is dry.

6. After frying, remove excess stew from the pan and leave the rest.

7. Add the fried gizzards and stir for 3 minutes, then later add the fried plantain and stir all together.

8. Adjust the stew in the plantain-gizzard mixture by adding more stew in case its not enough and taste for salt.

9. Serve hot. It can be eaten alone or with other foods such as rice, yam etc. 

Hope you like the above explanation? There is love in sharing, so do well to share to others that may need it. Don't forget to follow this page for more important food recipes.

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