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Catfish Pepper Soup is delicious, but have you tried Grilled Catfish? See how to Prepare it

Grilled Catfish is one meal that is loved by many. It is a meal taken any time of the day and always delicious. Many people always purchase it from restaurant and fast food joints whereas you can easily prepare it at home. Now take a ride with me and let's make grilled catfish.

Below are the ingredients needed for this recipe


-Suya Pepper




-Maggi crayfish


-Scotch bonnet pepper(Atarodo)

-Abennero pepper(Shombo)

-Foil paper

Having listed the ingredients, let's go straight to the method

* The first step is to wash the Catfish properly. Catfish is slimy in nature, so you want to wash it with salt and lime to remove the slime.

* Shred some fresh pepper in a blender or a food processor

*Blend the rest of the pepper and some onions and ginger.

*Drain the puree in a sieve to remove excess water

* Add the shredded pepper to the blended pepper

* Add the suya pepper and mix together

* Add salt and Maggi caryfish.

Be careful not to over spice the mix

* Lay the foil paper on the table

* Make some cuts on the catfish with a knife

* Add the pepper mix into the catfish

* Ensure you add the spiced pepper all over the surface of the fish

* Wrap in a foil paper

*Use enough foil paper to prevent spillage of the content

*Place in a pre-heated oven at 100 Celsius

*Grill for 1 hour to ensure it is properly cooked.

I hope you try this recipe. Thanks for reading. Please don't forget to like, share and comment.

Content created and supplied by: Fjohn555 (via Opera News )

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