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Learn How to Cook Fisherman Soup in the Port Harcourt Way from Rivers State

Some People like to add Goat meat in this soup because of the unique taste of goat meat but for this recipe we're going with anything Sea food or Fish. 


1) Fresh Fish (You can use tilapia or catfish)

2) Jumbo Shrimps

3) Isam (Periwinkle)

4) Crab.

5) Fresh Crayfish 

6) Chopped Uziza Leaf

7) Bulb of Onion

8) Ngolo

9) Cocoyam Paste for thickening

10) cubes Seasoning (Knorr/Maggi) taste

11) Powdered Crayfish

12) Palm Oil

13) Dry Pepper

14) Scotch Bonnet Pepper

15) Salt


1) put your Cocoyam in boiling water,cook until it is soft. 

2) When the Cocoyam is soft, peel it and pound it until it is very smooth and have turned into paste.

3) In a separate pot, add all the sea food apart from the fresh pieces of crayfish.

4) Season with the scotch bonnet pepper, onion, dry pepper, seasoning cubes and salt. 

5) Allow the sea food to boil and cook properly in water.

6) When they're cooked add the fresh pieces of crayfish and the powdered crayfish. 

Allow to simmer for few minute.

7) Add the cocoyam paste, stir properly until the cocoyam has dissolved completely.

8) Add your palm oil and Uziza and allow to simmer for a minute.

This is the typical Rivers State fisherman’s soup. 

The name fisherman soup alone sound very inviting.

You can't resist this soup looking at it alone and the aroma is good.

Make out time to cook this delicacy.

If you ever think you're going to order this soup or meal from any big eatery or restaurant be sure or prepared to spend real money.

A plate of this meal cost from N1,500 - N8,500 depending on the quantity you may need.

It's best you cook this soup at home and you'll enjoy it all the same.

You can serve with Garri, Pounded yam or any swallow of your choice.

Content created and supplied by: RockstarUfuoma (via Opera News )

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