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See How to make Corn Pudding yourself

See how to prepare corn puddy. Corn puddy also know as corn moi moi is very delicious. It is so sad that many folks in Nigeria aren't familiar with it. But if you fall into that category, this article is for you as i will be telling you how to make corn puddy (corn moi moi) all by yourself.

See what you need :

5 pieces Fresh Corn on cob OR 500 grams

1 handful Crayfish

1 handful dry large crayfish or dry fish

(fresh prawns goes well too)

2 cooking spoonful Palm oil

3-4 onions balls




containers for the steaming or you can use banana leaves or just nylon

This is how to prepare it:

First, break off the prawn heads and tails, boil or soak the dry prawns in hot water to soften it a bit.

  If you’ll be using dry fish, boil in salted water until tender. Strain and set aside

If you’ll be using grilled or soft smoked fish, clean , debone and set aside for later use.

Now blend your pepper, crayfish and onion.

Pour the corn meal(corn flour) into a wide bowl, mix with water to get a thick batter like when making moi moi.

Pour the blended mix into the corn meal batter, add the palm oil , softened prawns,seasoning cubes and salt to taste(and any other yummy goodness you’ll like to add to it), and mix well.

Finally, Pour into your container of choice, leaves, or nylon. Seal and place in a steamer or pot of boiling water for 45 minutes to 1 hour

The Corn Moi moi is ready when it solidifies or hardens. Transfer to a tray, leave to cool a bit, serve and enjoy!

See how simple it is! Your corn puddy is ready.

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