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7 Healthy Street Foods In Nigeria You Should Never Joke With And The Benefits Of Eating Them

In Nigeria there are some popular foods that are very common in our area and these foods are sold basically in every junction.

Below are 7 common street foods that are found in Nigeria and the health benefits of eating them.

1. Boli

Boli is a popular food that is sold basically in all areas, it is a recipe that is made up of roasted plantain, fish, cabbage and sauce etc.

Health benefits.

• Boli Provide energy.

• Boli Prevent constipation.

• Boli provides minerals.

• Boli Provides vitamins.

• Boli Provides diuretics.

2. Roasted Corn and Pear.

This is one of the most consumed food in Nigeria, although it is a seasonal foods that comes and goes.

Health benefits.

•Roasted Corn provides Folic acid to the body.

• It provides dietary fibers.

• It provides Minerals.

• It lowers the risk of cholesterol in the blood.

•It contains antioxidant.

• It provides a healthy teeth.

3. Abacha.

Abacha is also called local salad, it is a popular delicacy found mostly in the Eastern part of the country.

Health Benefits.

• Abacha provides Minerals.

• It provides Vitamins.

• It prevents Constipation

• It controls weight loss.

• It improves eyesight.

• It prevents heart diseases.

4. Suya.

This is a popular street food that is common mostly in the Northern part of the country. And it is made from cow meat (skewered beef).

Health Benefits.

• Provides Energy.

5. Akara.

Akara is very popular in Nigeria and it is also called beans cake or local sandwich. This food is mostly consumed with bread and it is made using beans.

Health Benefits.

• It prevents one from having cancer.

•It helps prevent diabetes.

• It Improves heart functions.

•It provides Minerals.

•It provides Vitamins.

6.Garden Egg and Groundnut Sauce.

This is another popular food that is found mostly in the eastern part of the country, this food is mostly used in weddings and other occasions.

Health Benefits.

• It Provides Minerals.

• It provides Vitamins.

• It prevents Constipation.

• It helps prevent cancer of the Digestive tract.

7. Okpa.

Okpa is a delicious food that is gotten from bambara groundnut and this food is sometimes called miracle food because the side effects of eating it is low.

Health Benefits.

• It prevents Malnutrition.

• It helps improve the immune system.

• It prevent diabetes.

•It prevents bone disease.

• It prevents Insomia.

Content created and supplied by: Ukamzy (via Opera News )

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