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What Avocado Seed does to your body when you eat them.

Have you tried eating avocado seed? Maybe you tried to take a bite to see how edible it is but, in the process it touches your tongue and you taste it. You notice that the seed has a bitter taste. Not only does it taste bitter, it is very hard as well. Then you drop it immediately, or even throw it out the window, or in the trash can.

You didn't know that the seed can be consumed and contains a lot of health benefits. Ignorance has eaten deep into our system that we overlook some things, which can be of great help to us. For if only we knew about the health benefits of avocado seeds, then we would keep them and eat them. That is about to change as you are going to know what avocado seed does to your body when you eat them.

It is true that one can eat avocado seeds but, you can not swallow the whole seed, neither can you chew it due to the hardness of the seed. The things you must do before you eat the avocado seed are outlined as follows:

(1) Take away the seed from the avocado.

(2) remove the fine layer of brown skin that covers the seed.

(3) wash the seed.

(4) chop it into smaller pieces.

(5) You can either grind it into a powdered form with a blender, or grate it into tiny pieces.

(6) the powdered form can be added as a flavour to dish like soup and stew.

 (7) It can also be mixed with juice or smoothies.

(8) it can also be sprinkled on salads or any dish to make it look nice.

(9) boil two cups of water and add one tablespoon of the powder form. Allow it to cool for ten minutes, then drink.

This is what avocado seed does to your body:

(1) Boost your immune system

(2) Reduces high cholesterol.

(3) Prevents the growth of cancer cells.

(4) burns fat to aid weight loss.

(5) provides you with a feeling of fullness for several hours which lowers your appetite, and prevents you from eating calorie rich snacks.

(6) reduce pains, swelling, redness and heat as a result of inflammation.

(7) reduce aging process by fighting off free radicals, which cause huge damage to healthy skin cells.

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