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Pregnancy period

Pregnant women should avoid these type of foods during second month

Second months of pregnancy, which foods to eat and avoid.

Second month of healthy pregnancy diet, which foods to eat and avoid?

The second month is the beginning of weeks five pregancy. So, A very congratulation to you and the beginning joys of motherhood is approaching.

There are still .any women who tend to not realize that they are pregnant even last the first month of pregnancy.

At this time, the nutrition that you need to plays the most important things in order to help your baby growth healthy.

The harder part is during this 2nd month of pregnancy, some pregnant women may suffer from morning sickness and that can turns out to cause you losing your appetite. But for the healthy safeguard to your baby you must persist to eat foods properly because in the second month of pregnancy diet is very important.

This is the time when your baby's neural tube begins forming and later develops into your baby's brain, spinal cord and nerves.

All includes your baby's circulatory system and heart beat will now begin to develop in this 2nd month if pregnancy, so the diet in this second month is extremely important.

Here are the most important nutrients that you should include in second month of pregnancy diet.

1. Protein

2. Folic acid

3. Iron nutrients

4. Calcium etc

During this time, you must begin to look into eating more fresh food such as fresh vegetables and fruits, though, you should avoid eating frozen foods.

You must ensure to eat lots of protein to support your baby's muscles develop. As well, you should raise your calorie intake by eating more starchy food instead of non-nutritional and fattening sugary foods.

Since starchy foods are great important source of energy, also with vitamins and fibre, thus it helps you to fill your tummy up without containing too many calories.

This is why you should eat foods such as bread, potatoes, breakfast cereals, rice, pasta, noodles, maize, millet, oats, yam and cornmeal.

For those pregnant mom's who experience with morning sickness during your second month of pregnancy, you can try drink ginger ale which made from natural real ginger root, or chamomile tea, also, drink more water helps tea.

Lastly, take note on what you eat is important and remember to no eat too much salty, fatty and sugary foods.

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