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You Know This Fishes As "Shina, Skumbia and Ojuyobo", See The English Names They Are Called

In Nigeria many things are not called their real names or rather English name, but we have the pride of giving each organism its name pertaining to the locality it is found.

But this has also made our children and some of us, to be ignorant of such things name like Akara which its real name is bean cake or Bonga fish (named because of its bony nature and lack of enough flesh), which its real name is tilapia.

But am here to bring every reader to light as I found this fishes real name on net, so that we can purchase them when we found our selves elsewhere.

1. Skumbia is a fish in the family of mackerel, and is found in the pacific and is called blue mackerel, pacific mackerel or Japanese mackerel and so on.

2. Shina, this fish is tasty and as popular as its counter part skumbia, in the Nigeria market. It is called horse mackerel in the English world, because of its scales that look like stripes.

3. Ojuyobo, the translation of this name means "eyes falling out", it is called Argentine fish/silus and is mainly in fried for or roasted.

How do you rate this findings.

Image source: google.

Content created and supplied by: Edman09 (via Opera News )

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