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8 Wonderful Benefits Of Chewing Gum That You Should Know

Chewing gum is probably something you no longer think much of or maybe you just keep a pack in your pocket for whenever you want to freshen your breathe. 

Those high school days of chewing gum through out the day are long gone, but what if by not chewing gum like we used to we are actually missing out.

Like most things in life to much of gum chewing can cause problems as excessive gum chewing has been found to cause migrane especially in young adult.

Chewing gum is far from a new thing as record shows that people have been chewing gum in various forms for thousands of years.

Here are 8 benefits of chewing sugar-free gum everyday. 

1 - It Improves concentration: Are you struggling to stay focused through out the day or when you are trying to accomplish a task, your answer might just be as simple as chewing a gum. Multiple studies have shown that chewing gum can lead to an increase in mental performance.

2 - It helps you to stay awake: Another common issue for adults across the world is to stay awake. In addition to concentration many studies have also shown that chewing gum can improve alertness.

3 - Combat stress and anxiety: we are all faced with stressful situations from time to time but when anxiety and stress becomes a daily thing, then it's time to take action against it. There are many ways to combat stress but if you are looking for a simple method which you can implement today then all you need is a pack of gum. Apparently chewing some gum can be a great substitute for nervous habits like nail biting and leg shaking when you're feeling stressed. This is backed up by one study which shows that gum chewing helped reduce the stress hormones in many test subjects.

4 - It protects your teeth: It's very rare that dentist would recommend food that are not super healthy, but this is not the case as the American Dental Association advices chewing sugarless gum for 20 minutes after meals. The reason behind this is that chewing gum increases the production of saliva which helps to reduce the germs on your teeth that causes decay. Just make sure that it's a sugarless gum as sugary gums can increase the germs that causes decay.

5 - Improves breathe: one of the few simple tricks for freshening your breathe is to chew gum that has some amount of flavours.

6 - Improves eating habits: Most of us must have heard some of our family members tell us that chewing gum can make you lose weight, well this is actually correct or atleast in some sense. chewing sugar-free gum certainly won't automatically melt that excess fat away, but chewing on some low calorie gum can have a beneficial effects towards eating better. 

7 - Help smokers quit: Chewing gum is said provide a handy distraction for whenever they get a craving to smoke. Experts think that the explanation to this is pretty simple as you're distracting your mouth with another task. 

8 - Relieves Dry mouth: Another oral health benefit of chewing sugar-free gum is combating dry mouth. 

The single act of gum chewing does not only reduce your cravings for snacks but also provide a helpful diversion from cravings of addictive stimulant such as coffee and caffeine.

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