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Simple ways to prepare Nigerian soups


Ingredients: Beans onion potash, salt, seasoning, pepper, palm oil water

Step 1 Soak one or more cups of raw beans in a bowl of water

Step 2  remove the shaft from the beans

Step 3  put the beans in a clean pot

Step 4  add water not plenty water

Step 5   add small potash

Step 6   cook for about 15-20 minutes

Step 7  use short neat broom(ijabe) to mash for soften it

Step 8  add seasoning, pepper and palm oil

Step 9 allow to stem for 10 minutes and add salt to taste                  


Ingredients: ewedu leaves, locust beans, potash salt, maggi, water

Step 1 remove leaves from stick(s)

Step 2  wash them well

Step 3  pour water inside a clean pot

Step 4  add locust beans and small potash

Step 5   boil water till 100 percent

Step 6   put ewedu leaves inside boiled water

Step 7  use spoon to stair and cook for about 3 to 5 minutes

Step 8  use short neat broom (ijabe) to mash for soften it

Step 9 add small salt and maggi to taste

gbegiri and ewedu can be taken with yam flour(amala) and eba. Yoruba people in Nigeria enjoy gbegiri and ewedu very much.

Content created and supplied by: adebara (via Opera News )

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