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Check Out The Delicious Afang Soup I Cooked With 2000 Thousand Naira

The price of foodstuff have increased over the past few months and alot of people find it hard to even feed. People have learnt different ways to manage their money so as to cook and feed and their family. I was able to manage N2000 and cooked a delicious pot of Afang soup with it. Let's take a look at how I made the food below;

Ingredients ;

1. Periwinkle 150 Naira

2. Cow skin 150 naira

3. Meat 400 naira

4. Water leaf 200naira

5.smoked fish 250

6. Stock fish 200 naira

7. Palm oil 150naira

8. Fresh pepper 100 naira

9. Crayfish 100 naira

10. Seasoning cubes 50 naira

11. Salt 50 naira

12. Ukazi leaf 200 naira

Step 1: put a pot on your stove with a cup of water, add your meat, stock fish and smoked fish and allow it to boil. Add your seasoning cubes, salt and allow it to boil until it becomes soft.

Step 2: Place an empty pot on the fire and allow to get dry, next is for you to pour in your palm oil to bleach a little.

Step 3: After that you pour in your onion, salt and pour in the washed water leaf and allow to boil until dry.

Step 4: After the waterleaf is free from water, you pour in your washed Ukazi leaf allow to dry up.

5. Next pour in your meat and other ingredients, stir it thoroughly and add little water then leave to boil.

Step 5: bring the pot down after boiling for 5 minutes and serve it hot. You can eat it with garri, semovita, and many others.

Spend your money wisely by eating nutritious meals to constantly stay in good health and avoid spending more for treatments.

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Crayfish Periwinkle


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