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Steps to making good food choices

 As humans, we are faced with a lot of different decisions relevant to different aspects of our lives every single day and whichever choice we come up with, we believe it’s going to have either a short or long term effect in our lives, so in the course of making decisions, different factors are considered before we finally settle for a particular choice so as to reduce or eliminate the chances of negative consequences.

One of such inevitable decisions is the choice of what to take at each of our meal time. In deciding what to eat, various factors such as affordability, season, taste and depth of hunger amidst others, influence our choice of food and like most other decisions, whatever we choose to eat at every point in time have both short and long term effects on our body systems. Two of the most commonly considered short term effect of what we choose to eat are hunger satisfaction and the pleasure of taste but there’s more to what we eat than just enjoying the taste and getting filled.

The human body is like a vehicle that takes us around as we go about our different daily activities and the nutritional content of what we eat is what fuel and maintain this vehicle. The nutrient quality and quantity of what we consume per meal have significant effects on the overall well being of the body system, so this makes the choice of what to eat one of the most important decisions we make every day, although not all of us consider it to be so as most people just want to eat something to get on the go. It is important that we are intentional about what we eat for the wellbeing of our body system and having an understanding of what the body needs will make this easier.

Some of the best tips on steps to making wise choices of what to eat are;

Ø Do not wait until you are hungry before deciding on what to eat, to avoid settling for what your body will not be ‘happy’. It will be kind of difficult to take your time to find or prepare a good meal when your stomach is grumbling already.

Ø Let nutritional quality be on top of the list of the various factors considered in choosing a particular food for your meal.

Ø Be intentional about what you eat the way you are intentional about other aspects of your life. This will be very easy when you come to terms with the fact that the wellbeing of your body system is the foundation for the success of the other aspect of your life, it’s easier for you to go about your activities undisturbed when you have a sound system.

Ø Get rid of the common belief that you have to be ‘rich’ before you can think of eating nutritious food, because you don’t need plenty money to get nutritious food, all you need is an understanding of the state of your system and what you need to maintain/improve it. Funny enough, in our society today, everybody eats just anything; the rich ones eat anything because they can afford it, and those who don’t have enough eat anything because they can afford nothing else. So the most important factor here isn’t money, it is proper understanding of what your body needs, how and where to get it.

Ø Finally, learn how to be in control of your appetite, some of those the things that appeal to our taste aren’t what our body need and we know this.          

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