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Do You Like Catfish Pepper Soup, If Yes, Then See How To Prepare It

Do You Like Catfish Pepper Soup, If Yes, Then See How To Prepare It

Catfish pepper soup can be described or seen as a delicious meal and one of the ultimate Nigerian comfort foods that is super fast to arrange. it's magnificently known as “point and kill” due to however the catfish is bought at native markets; you choose your required fish by selecting or referring at it and it's killed and ready for you.

Catfish pepper soup is a popular Nigerian dish. The hearty dish, which is sometimes known as Point and Shoot is easy to prepare and you can get all of the ingredients without any stress. Below is the list of all the ingredients you will need.


1. 2 big cat fish

2. Fresh pepper

3. Scotch bonnet

4. Clove

5. Ginger

6. Garlic

7. Seasoning

8. Salt

9. Oil

10. Bay leave

11. 1/2 cup Water

12. Curry & thyme

13. Onion

14. Tomatoes


1. Cut fish into desired shape, soak with ash or lime for 3 to 5 minutes wash it well to remove the dirt

2. Add small amount of oil, add bay leave,add tomatoes and stir fry it.

3. Add water and all your mention ingredients in the pot. Allow water to boil. Add your fish to cook for 10 to 15 min.

Your catfish pepper soup is ready to be served hot.

Fish pepper soup is one of those dishes that the first time you taste it, you’ll keep trying to guess what flavors make up this mouthwatering and hearty soup.

Catfish Pepper Soup should always be served hot. It can be eaten alone with a chilled drink. I love to eat it with Agidi, Boiled White Rice or Boiled Yam.

I don't know about you but i serious enjoy a plate of catfish pepper soup with any chilled drink. You can also give it a try.

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