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Instead of using Maggi, use these spices as alternative

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There is no part in Nigeria that doesn't use seasoning. Some people even know if you don't add seasoning in their food. This is to tell you the extent at which some people use seasoning. Back in those days, the most popular seasoning used then was Maggi Star. It was a household name, every mom will send their kids to the nearest retail shop to get some Maggi cubes. We even termed every seasoning cubes as "Maggi," this shows how popular that seasoning was. Eventually, we evolved to other types like, Knorr, Onga, Suppy, Royco, and many others. Even up till now, different brands of seasoning are coming up, but there are a lot of controversies about the composition of Maggi and about it containing MSG which is Monosodium glutamate. While Maggi itself is not harmful except when it is consumed in excess with salt, there are other alternatives to be considered. Before these "modern" seasonings came to being, foods that were prepared in those days did not taste bad.

Natural seasonings were used and even up till now, some still use it. So, instead of using Maggi or any other seasoning cubes, you can use the following alternatives. IRU: this locally made spice can serve as a supplement and an alternative to those seasonings. When sun dried, it can be grounded to powder and added to soups. Locally made Iru also known as locust beans has a unique taste and you can not miss it in any Yoruba food. GINGER AND GARLIC: This can also be used as an alternative in addition to other natural spices. As ginger is known for its spiciness and nice smell, and garlic is known to give food, meat, chicken and fish, a nice taste, this two combined will create a burst of flavour. CRAYFISH: This, when grounded can be used as a spice to your food. Crayfish has a way of giving foods a delicious taste. CURRY, THYME, OREGANO AND BLACK PEPPER are also alternatives when combined with other spices and can be used as seasonings. Each has its own role to play in enhancing the flavour and taste of food.

MEAT STOCK: Now, I know a lot will say that meat stock contains seasoning, Yes! it does, but one thing about stocks is that once it is added to one's food, it changes it entirely, those that cook a lot can relate. This is just an alternative in reducing the intake of seasonings. Once you prepared your stock whether meat, fish, name it and you've add all necessary spices, you can turn them to stock cubes by pouring them in cube shaped or any shaped containers and keep them refrigerated as stocks can last for a long period. So whenever you need to add seasoning, you can just pop in this stock cubes as they contain a lot of ingredients. This can also help in reducing the regular use of seasonings. This does not mean you shouldn't use seasonings, but you can try to blend in natural seasonings to your food to give it a nice, kicking and sumptuous taste.

Thanks for reading. If you know any other spice that can be used as an alternative, you can share it with us. But, if you feel otherwise about these alternatives, drop your comments below.

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