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Fruits and vegetables Combinations that boost Libido and makes you last longer in bed.

After every closing hour some of those things that ran through the mind of most married men is getting home on time to meet their spouse. As many always have these memories of how the last night went, many also get bothered about how unsatisfactory the whole event went.

One sure thing is that men prioritize satisfaction of their spouse than their own personal pleasures.

Taking drugs to achieve these aims could be harmful to the body and also to their health at young and old ,most especially at the later stage of life.

To be a superman in bed with your spouse is just a few step away, try any of these combination and see the wonders of fruits and vegetables;

Coconuts and Date seed :

Coconut contains various minerals and vitamins which helps the health of the heart. Potassium,iron,zinc and calories it contains are very useful in attaining stamina. Healthy heart functions is essential for healthy bedroom activities, because a steady blood flows are required. While Date seed on the other hand is rich in mineral,vitamins serves as antioxidant, and Antiinflammatory agent and helps maintain healthy blood flow to the necessary part of the body.

Method :

There is no special method needed than to buy Date and coconut as many as you feel you can consume. Chew or eat them together at least 30 minutes before bed time.

And you want to use it as a therapy, it at least twice daily 4-5 times a week for a stable results.

Pure Cocoa,Ginger and Garlic Tea:

These tea is a very good combination when treating any cardiovascular related illness but it is also very good in improving,and enhancing libido and bed stamina.

Method :

Since most of these fruits are available in dry forms, the best method is to get a warm water in a tea cup add half a spoon of powder cocoa,ginger and garlic, cover it for 4-5 minutes for it to soak. Then drink it like 25-30 minutes before show time. Try to take it 3-4 times a week for stable results.

Coffee Tea :

They contain caffeine capable of elevating blood flows to the necessary part of the body and making the body cell stay active and alive all through game. They are also good in improving the mood.

Method :

Warm coffee tea should be taken at least few minutes to the main time.

Watermelon and cucumber juices :

Watermelon and cucumber have be proven by many researchers as being a game changer in terms of libido enhancement. They help to improve moods.


Wash both veggies cut proportion you can finish, don't pill off the skin nor either remove the seeds. Blend them together to form smoothies, pour it in to a cup and drink as desire 25-30 minutes before bed time.

All these combinations are good and natural, although it's activeness depends on the body nature if an individual.

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