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3 Delicacies Unique to the Ijaw people of South-southern Nigeria.

The Ijaw's delicacies probably won't be well known outside the Ijaw region. Though, the Ijaw foods nourishments are justified, because of their food delightful taste, engaging fragrance and health benefit. The Ijaw's are the 6th biggest ethnic gathering in Nigeria and they cut across six distinct conditions of Nigeria. 

The Ijaw public is constantly found in the riverine networks. This factor as impact and figure out what they burn-through the most. The food the Ijaw's eat is generally fish since they are significantly anglers. The significant consumption of plantain boils down to the fact that Plantain is planted the most in the Ijaw region. Here are three Ijaw Delicacies you should attempt. 

Bole and Fish. 

Bole and fish are generally eaten by the Ijaw's. The delicacy is a beautiful one. The Bole is a cooked plantain delicacy. The dish consistently accompanies flame-broiled fish. The fish is generally barbecued with pepper sauce and this helps give the fish a decent smell and sweet electrifying taste. Bole and Fish is the quantity of inexpensive food you will consistently find in the road of Bayelsa, Port Harcourt and Warri. These three mentioned environs cover a large number of the Ijaw population.

Keke Fieye. 

Keke Fieye is a dazzling Ijaw delicacy you should try to eat. The delicacy is highly proteinous. The food is constantly cooked with plantain. Keke Fieye is plantain pottage with snails. The snails are consistently unshelled during the cooking cycle. 


Polofiyai is a fish delicacy that is cooked with fish. The soup always has periwinkle, fresh fish, dry fish, plantain, onion, pepper, palm oil, fragrance leave and salt. 


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