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Beans Is Not A Protein Like We Were Taught In School. Check Out The Nutritional Facts Of Beans

Growing up, we must have been taught the various classes of food and where each food falls into. But one big mistake Nigerians make even adults is classifying beans as a protein.

We are quick to mention beans when listing proteins and many of us even after reading this post will still not accept that beans is actually a carbohydrate.

First of all, there are different types of beans:kidney beans, black eyed beans, brown beans, green beans, pinto beans, cowpea, red beans, black beans and so on. Now browsing through Google, search for the nutritional component of beans and you will find the nutritional component. The components may not be the same in all types of beans but one thing is common and that is they all contain more of carbohydrates than protein. So I guess this proves the point that beans classifies as a carbohydrate.

This will come as a surprise for many of us who have been adding beans or moi-moi to our rice to create a more balanced meal because indeed we are just eating more carbohydrate. If you want a good source of protein, then you should be thinking animal proteins which include meats, milk, eggs, fish etc

This doesn't mean you should stop eating beans because as you can see, beans also contains proteins. It is for you to know what you are really eating and stop embarrassing yourself by saying it is protein.

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