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3 Affordable And Cheap Nigerian Foods That Can Satisfy You Easily.

Due to the poor economic situation of Nigeria, so many people find it hard to eat 3 square meals daily. Majority of food products are very expensive because of the inflation rate. However, no matter how bad the situation is, there are still some certain foodstuffs that are very cheap.

And off course, they are as nutritious as every other good food. They can easily satisfy you and you'll be saving money on large cost of food. See some of these cheap Nigerian food below;


Corn is one of the cheapest and most affordable food in Nigeria. Although it is seasonal, this delicacy gives joy to everyone. It can either be cooked, or grilled. Either way, corn is still very healthy and nutritious. Once its time for corn season, its usually sold at almost every street corner. The best thing about corn is that it can easily satisfy someone and quench hunger. A stick of corn can be gotten for as low as 50naira or 100 naira.

Cooked potatoes.

Yes, potato is a very delicious, and affordable fiber rich food product that can be gotten at local food markets. The best part about potatoes is that, eating little is enough to satisfy you. Practically anyone can afford potatoes and they are much more healthy and satisfying when they are cooked or boiled rather than deep fried in hot oil. As many as 5 small potatoes can be gotten for 200naira in Nigeria.

Garri and groundnuts.

We can't talk about cheap food in Nigeria without mentioning Garri and groundnut. This food has practically been a life saver since 1900's. Garri product is very cheap despite high demand for it and groundnut can be gotten for as low as 50naira. Groundnuts are packed with a lot of protein rich nutrients that provides several health benefits for the body as well.

Source: and Pulse.

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