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How to make a delicious Egusi soup that no one can prepare

Egusi soup is a west African traditional soup that is made from different plants as ingredients and seasoning. Egusi soup is the most popular soup in Nigeria. It can be used to eat different kinds of food which include Pounded Yam.

The Ingredients required to make this soup includes;

1) Grinded Egusi melon seed

2) Salt and Maggi

3) Blended onion

4) Meat or fish

5) Oil

6) Tomato a little pepper

7) An Egusi paste.

To prepare your egusi soup, kindly follow the procedures below;

1) Heat your palm oil or groundnut oil in pot you are willing to prepare the soup.

2) After heating, add small amount of water to your heated oil.

3) Gently and slowly add Add your prepared Egusi paste in the pot.

4) Add your prepared fish or meat in the pot and stir.

4) Add your salt or any means of seasoning to make to make your soup delicious.

5) You mat add waterleaf or spinach depending on your choice.

6) After about minutes or an hour your delicious Egusi soup will be ready for consumption.

Enjoy your delicous soup and don't forget to drop your observations on this?

Content created and supplied by: Toughguy77 (via Opera News )

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