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"Enough Of Saturdays Bread And Akara" - Check Out 10+ Weekend Breakfast Ideas

Waking up to eat a sumptuous Akara and bread or moi moi on Saturday mornings has become a norms in African homes. We all grew up eating that mostly on weekends.

It's becoming boring, isn't it? Why not go for other spicy foods.

Enough of your Saturdays akara and bread, check out other meals you can prepare and enjoy on weekends.

1. Plaintain and egg

Such a bright way to start the morning. It's a light meal and a good one for breakfast. 

2. Jollof Spaghetti

Why ignore a sweet jollofy spag on a Saturday. Made of nice spices, ponmo, fish or any of your choice, it's a delicacy you shouldn't miss on a Saturday morning.

3. Beans and Custard

What a satisfying combo, instead of going for akaras why not go for its cooked equivalent.

 This is one of the most satisfying breakfast combo.

4. Yam Porridge

This delicacy too should be considered for breakfast on Saturdays. It's such a filling one.

5. Potatoes and Vegetables

If you eat this for breakfast, I bet you'll be filled till noon. Get fried potatoes combined with cooked vegetables of your choice and enjoy. What a nice combo.

6. Rice and stew

This too can fit in for breakfast rather than regular akara and bread.

7. Plaintain Omelette

Have you ever tried plaintain Omelette? This is one of the best breakfast ideas, very satisfying.

Dice and slightly fry some plantains and combine with eggs, pepper and spices and make an omelette.

8. Oatmeal and bread

This is a very satisfying meal. For dieticians, you could opt for wheat bread in it's stead.

9. Spiced Indomie And Eggs

Noodles are underrated, maybe cos it's mostly prepared in a boring way.

Have you ever tried fried indomie or jellof indomie well spiced with vegetables. It's so satisfying and filling for breakfast.

10. Macaroni and Stew

This could also pass for a breakfast rather than bread and akara.

Was this helpful? Would you give up your Saturday akaras for this ideas? What do you usually eat for breakfasts on Saturday? Share your ideas with us.

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