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How to Make Mouthwatering Egg and Plantain Frittata at Home

This is my plantain frittata Recipe 




Green peppers

Scotch bonnet


Royco seasoning cube




Vegetable oil

Preparation procedures

First cut the plantain into circles and fry to deep brown and set aside 

Then in an empty frying pan add a little vegetable oil,add onions,tomatoes and fresh pepper, ginger, garlic, salt and seasoning cube then heat for like 4 minutes then turn off the heat.

once it get cold, break some eggs and whisk them together (mix the eggs and the fried vegetables together), taste for salt and then pour the mixture in the pan.

Place your already fried plantain on top then turn the heat back on but this time on a low heat(reduced heat)and add your extra vegetables (onions, carrot, green beans, peppers like green and other colours as toppings) cover the pan as it cakes within 4 to five minutes depending, then with a flat plate that can fit into the pan, cover it and flip the pan over then calmly and professionally lay the corresponding side back in the pan and cover till it’s ready to be served.

It can be enjoyed with soft drinks or natural juice.

Content created and supplied by: Chinasaramokwu (via Opera News )

Plantain Frittata Royco


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