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How to start your own gala sausage roll business at home

Sausage roll has been existing before most of us where born and it's taste has been improving over the years, it has been the breakfast or lunch of many people when they don't have time to cook or enough money to buy food.


• Oven

• Rolling pin

• Flat board

• Kitchen knife

• Small bowl

• Sieve

• Brush

• Gloves

• Grinding stone (as improvisation to pound the meat)


• Flour (depending on the quantity of sausage roll you want to produce)

• Baking powder (a little)

• Salt

• Butter

• Powdered pepper

• Thin slices of meat

• Seasoning cube

• Spices

• Water


Put on your gloves

• Step 1: sieve the flour and pour it in a bowl

• Step 2: add a pinch of salt and the required baking powder in the bowl containing the flour

• Step 3: mix it together with your hands

• Step 4: add butter to the mixture and knead the dough until it is smooth

• Step 5: add water while kneading until the dough is perfectly smooth

• Step 6: pound the meat into pieces

• Step 7: place the dough on a flat board and flatten it with a rolling pin

• Step 8: starting from the top corner, cut the dough into squares with a knife (just as if you want to cut chin chin, but way bigger)

• Step 9: add pieces of the pounded meat into the squared dough as desired

• Step 10: roll it into a sausage

• Step 11: repeat the same thing for the others

• Step 12: grease the baking tray with butter and spread a little flour on the greased tray. Turn the tray over to remove excess flour

Note: this process is to prevent the sausage from sticking to the tray.

• Step 13: arrange the sausage rolls into the tray an inch apart from each other

• Step 14: preheat the oven to 350f

• Step 15: put the tray in the oven

• Step 16: turn the rolls at regular intervals so all the sides will be baked

Note: make sure no side gets to brown or crispy

• Step 17: monitor the rolls from time to time, bring it out when it is done

• Step 18: package for sale

Dough: means flour mixed with water

Knead: means to press and fold

Packaging for sale

Since you are just starting, print nylons with fancy logo and unique name, produce in small sizes to rival the products already reigning in the market, you can also produce in the same size others produce, but reduce your price a little.

Market your sausage roll to friends, families and neighbors. Also market it to shops, supermarkets and other wholesalers.

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