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Here is the food my neighbor served my daughter, please what should i do?

Today Saturday happens to be one of my saddest days in this month of July because of what my neighbor did to my only daughter.

I am a banker so I never have that leisure time so Saturday is always my free day, I usually go for my morning jogging every Saturday morning because that is my only leisure day though, I do jog like two kilometers away from my home so that is really a long way for me.

After my usual jogging, I became so tired and weak because of the exercise I did. So while reaching to my home, I met my 5 years old daughter feeding on this strange junk meal, I became surprised and asked her where did she get that meal from and she told me that it was mum John who gave it to her, please have good looks at the food here.and that woman happens to be my neighbor so I quickly collected the food from her and I rush to meet the woman which I later found out that she is not at home, I became really angry and curious because I have never seen such a meal before, it has no oil, no spicy nothing was in the meal, besides it looks very disgusting.

Right now am confuse and don't really know what to do about it, this is the 1st time my daughter is eating this and I am scared it may affect her system.

I decided to bring it to this platform and sake for your opinions on what to do, what if your daughter is served this type of meal what will you do?

But if you feel the meal is ok, please what is the name of the meal?

Please drop your comments below as you help me with your vital advice.

Please don't forget to like and share so that others could help me with their own advice.

Thank you.

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