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I Told Her To Cook My Favorite Food But I Got This Instead (Fiction)

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I’ve known Ada for some months now, we are so close that I trusted her with all my secrets except one; the part where I’m in love with her, if only I could summon the courage to tell her. Ada is so caring that I really wish we were dating.

Upon how close we are, I have never visited her once though she do come to my side whenever she was chanced. Sometimes I would tease her that I’m on my way to her side and that she should prepare my favorite food down but most of the time, she gets that I was just teasing her. So all she says was that she would surprise me, whenever I actually come to her side. 

On one fateful day, she rang me up and asked me when I would be chanced to visit her that she really want to surprise me like she said. I know you guys might be thinking why I haven’t visited her since we have been together, of course you’re right. The truth is that she is staying with her parents and most of the time, they were always around but this time around they travelled.

So Ada thought that was the perfect chance for me to visit her. I promised her the following day which I had scheduled for another occasion entirely but I had to cancel it since that’s the first time I’m visiting her and I really don’t want to hurt her since she is the one asking.

Ada had always boasted about her cooking skills, so I was expecting she would actually surprise me like she always said. The following day before heading out, I rang her up and reminded her of the food she was to prepare down and like always, she assured me.

But not only that, she even told me to bring along a lunch box; according to her, I would really love to take some food home. When I got to her place, after a little chat she brought out my so-called favorite food.

I may not have told you guys this, but I was actually expecting Yellow Garri and Vegetable Stew but instead I got something totally different; can you imagine what she prepared, a total opposite of what I was expecting. Instead of Yellow Garri she prepared Grinded Garri (Lebu) and also in the place of Vegetable Stew I got Egusi (Melon seed) Soup with a little Vegetable. 

Upon being disappointed, I started eating but it seems as if there is a load of sand in the Soup. Right now I’m still forcing the food down my throat; I don’t want to complain to Ada because that might hurt her. I really want to stop eating the food but I can’t because I can’t afford to hurt her feelings. So guys what do you think, I’m I doing the right thing by not telling her or I’m not?

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