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Prepare 'Edika Ikong' Soup for Your Family and Visiting Friends and Relative With These Simple Steps

Edikaikong Soup Recipe (Edikang Ikong Soup) .

Edikang Ikong Soup is a highly nutritious, delicious and savory vegetable soup natively prepared using 'ugwu' leaves and 'water leaf'. Without taking much time,I would hit the nail on the head.

Ingredients Required

1. 2 bunches of fluted pumpkin (ugwu)

2. 3 or 2 bunches of water leaf

3. Goat meat

4. Stock fish

5. Snails

6. 1 cup of ground crayfish

7. 2 or 3 large smoked car fish

8. 5 processed cow skin (kpomo)

9. Pepper as required

10. Onions to boil the meat

11. 2 Maggi cubes

12. Salt to give it a taste

13. Water.

Cooking Directions for Edika Ikong Soup

1. Wash the goat meat and boil with chopped onions and ground pepper.

2. The washed and chopped kpomo is added with Maggi cubes for some minutes. It is always advisable to buy soft kpomo from the market as it Cooks faster.

3. Once you notice that the pot boils and the goat meat is no longer red,add the palm oil and cover it. Raw palm oil taste in a vegetable soup is not pleasant,therefore you are required to give the palm oil some minutes to boil.

4. After the oil boils well,then add enough crayfish with the washed smoked fish,taste for salt and cover to cook.

If you have stock fish,you can decide to boil it with your meat.


A. For meat,you can go for male goats because they cook faster than the females

B. Adding your smoked fish early would be crushed by cooking so take note.

C. Wash your Ugwu and water leaf together to allow for proper mixing so don't you don't have to stir the soups much to get an even mix.

D. Always cook vegetable soups in a big pot to avoid spillage from overload.

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