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Its Corn Season Again: Here Are 4 Terrible Mistakes Most People Make While Buying Roadside Corn

Its a common knowledge that so many people love eating the food called corn and they buy it a lot. Corn can either be boiled or roasted and it is extremely delicious and loved by millions of people around the world, who are always excited whenever the corn season starts. Corn, also known as Maize is a yellow like cereal grain that was first developed in Mexico about 10,000 years ago. And since then, this plant has been stealing hearts.

In Nigeria, Corn starts coming out around May and stays all through the rainy season till August/September. And during this period, it is consumed by a large number of people from different works of life. This food product is not only beautiful, it also has a lot of health benefits to the body. It has existence of essential minerals like Vitamin B, Vitamin K, Zinc, Fiber, magnesium iron and lots more.

However, individuals still has to be extremely careful on the manner by which they buy and consume corn, especially those who are fond of buying roadside corn. Corn can also be unhealthy to you, depending on the way you go about consuming it. In this article, I'm going to be telling you guys, a few mistakes which you need to avoid when buying corn. See them below;

1. Buying and Eating Corn that is roasted Directly on Charcoal.

Some corn sellers have no joy at all, they don't care about what is called a proper hygiene for their customers. They roast their corn directly inside their charcoal and fire rather than puting it on top of an iron filter.

The corn will inhale excess smoke and this is very unhealthy. People who eat this kind of corn are likely to die young because its almost the same as smoking 10 cigarettes. Please don't buy corn from any seller that does this.

2. Buying corn from a dirty seller.

Some people are fond of buying corn from just any one they see selling at the road side. This shouldn't be so. Before you purchase a food item as delicate as corn from a person, please take a good look around them and the environment which they use in selling their products. Some people are very dirty and may infect the corn with bacteria.

3. Eating Corn With Soft Drinks.

This is actually very deadly and could lead to dire consequences in your body system such as inflammation, bloating and others. When eating roadside corn, don't drink minerals or soft drinks along with it. Corn contains a high amount of starch and fibre and it is unhealthy to take sugary drinks along with it.

4. Drinking water immediately after eating corn.

After eating corn, either roasted one or boiled one, please don't drink water immediately. Corn is a starchy food and complex carb and drinking water after eating it can produce excess gas in your stomach. Causing you to fart almost all the time.

Thanks for reading. Please take note of these mistakes and avoid them for your own good, share this article to save others. I remain your one and only TrendingGistz. Follow me for more interesting health updates!!!

Content created and supplied by: TrendingGistz (via Opera News )

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