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4 exquisite african dishes made with nutritional and medicinal vegetables

Vegetables play an important role in human nutrition. They supply dietary fibre and are important sources of essential vitamins, minerals, and trace elements.

Particularly important are the antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E. Now, it would even interest you to know that the vegetable are used to make the best african delicacies which has made Nigeria dishes recognised in the world. These vegetables are medicinal and highly nutritious.

Let's check some African soups made with these medicinal vegetables.

Oha soup

If you haven't had Ofe Oha or Ofe ora whichever you choose to call it, depending on your dialect, you definitely won't understand the hype about this delightful delicacy from the South Eastern part of Nigeria.This soup is a typical example of the saying "you never know what you have until you loose it". Eating it is worth a try. It is packed with lots of micro nutrients that supports the body.

Afang soup

 At long last, afang soup is one of the most popular traditional nigerian soups. It is a very nutritious and medicinal soup of the Efiks. Well its actually my favourite. I practically enjoy this meal. With semovita which I prefer. Use ur choice of swallow to eat the delicious afang and ur gonna love mother nature food. It helps in relief of constipation as it has high fibre content.

Black soup

 Black soup is a popular and tasteful meal. I have to be sincere with you I've actually eaten it twice. Visited a church members during festive season and believe me it was awesome. Its a special delicacy from esan people of Edo State. It is quite delicious and easy to prepare. The leaves are fortified with vitamins and minerals.


Bitterleaf soup is a traditional soup of the Igbo prople in south eastern part of Nigeria. As afang is to the efik people, so is the bitter leaf soup to the south Eastern people of Nigeria. Its always prepared in their parties or any special event. Bitter leaves are washed before cooking to remove the bitter taste and like the afang soup it's fibre helps in relief of constipation.

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African Ofe Ofe Oha


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